An Incomplete Goodbye - IV

from part 3 …

“Hi! You were not at school today? All well?” (Abhay texted Kritika)

“School? How do you know?” (Kritika replied)

“Come at your terrace.”

“You’re here? Don’t tell me!” (She immediately ran up to the terrace)

She saw Abhay standing there and hugged him so tight. She even had tears in her eyes. She was extremely happy to see Abhay after 3 months.

“I’ll be here for another 11 months. Now smile you idiot.” (Abhay wiping off her tears)



The moment when you realize you have a person to care for, near you, is purely beautiful. It’s nothing less than the scenic beauty of the Himalayas or the beaches at Goa.

Kritika was delighted to have Abhay near him for a good period. For a second she forgot everything, all her fears and all her pains. It was a moment of desperation from her. Abhay was happy to see her smile.

They started to meet on a daily basis. This was just edging to a perfect couple scenario for them and to the world. Everyday long meetings, coffee dates, eating momos were just bringing the two near. Abhay started to miss his football games. Kritika skipped her dance classes.

“I’ve decided to propose him!!” (Kritika texted her friend)

“Him? You mean Abhay?”

She immediately typed a ‘YES’ but erased it. She knew she wasn’t ready yet but seeing the time and his feelings, she wished to do it. She repeated this process for about 5 minutes until Shriya called her. After an hour talk with Shriya, Kritika decided to give Abhay a chance. A chance which he deserved. She thought this might help her erase all the pains she faced earlier in life.

A message on Abhay’s phone flashed. (The typical I-phone message tone)

It was a message from Shriya. Abhay opened up and it read :

“Don’t jump out of your seat or go berserk, Kritika is about to propose you. This weekend.”

“I have no time for jokes Shriya, if its a joke, stop right now.” (Abhay, pretty anxious to know the truth)

“You can wait till the weekend, if you don’t believe me!”

The day !

Abhay was too excited, he knew Shriya wasn’t lying. In fact she was the closest to Kritika. Always remember, too much excitement results in disappointment.

Abhay kept on waiting for Kritika outside her society, but she didn’t show up. It was 8 p.m. and he actually had too see the first Manchester Derby of the season, so he left (of course disappointed).

For the first time, he wasn’t indulged into the derby rather he was constantly pinging Kritika. No response. After the game, while walking towards his home, he finally felt his phone to be vibrated.

Incoming call from Kritika!

“Where were you the whole time? I’d been tensed, like so much. Missed the match even.” (he picked the phone and spoke in a heavy yet dull voice)

“I don’t feel like talking, just called to say I’m fine and home, Bye!” (with haste)

It’s irritating for boys to actually undergo this situation. For no reason, I don’t feel like talking, well most of the boys are unaware of the mood swings. So, the ones who don’t know it, technically stay awake the whole night until the girl is awake the next morning and the ones who do know, it’s a cake walk — SLEEP with EASE.

It had been a week since Abhay spoke to Kritika. All of a sudden, she bumps into Abhay in the school canteen.

“Sorry!” (Kritika said in a low voice, trying to avoid conversation)

“Well I’m sorry, now if your mood is a bit up, can we talk?” (Abhay, furious at her)

“What is wrong? I’ve been constant with the phone calls and messages and you’ve been constant in not replying? Why so?” (Abhay, a bit worried)

“Shriya messed it all up, I decided to confess it to you. She told me that she messaged you everything. I know she was excited and I know you were too. But, she ruined it. How perfect your reaction could have been for me and you knew it. You were prepared.”

“So? You won’t talk to me like for 7 days? Seriously? Do you know how harsh it is?” (still furious)

“I’m sorry, but what could have I done? I was not happy with this fact. So sorry for being away like this.”

“You should be Kritika. I couldn’t concentrate on the derby.” (laughed)

“Derby is important? Right now?” (Kritika raised her eyebrow)

“No! Not at all, I’m telling you I couldn’t just …” (a bit of hesitation)

Kritika interrupted :

“Now, propose me today itself, that’s on your shoulders now, I’m done with it!” (laughing more loudly than Abhay did)



“Umm..7 p.m. ? Your society gate?”

“Done Mr. Abhay.”

Abhay was not at all panicked. He had all the things in his mind already. Flowers, chocolates, card, songs and of course himself. Being pretty confident he started his walk towards her society. Generally boys do practice at home, in front of the mirror or in the bathroom, bending on their knees and rehearsing the three magic words, but Mr. Abhay was on cloud 9. Confident!

At one side there are bollywood films and our very own romance king — Mr. Shahrukh Khan and on the other side there is a typical Indian middle class romantic boy. This boy knows how to create a romantic scene even in any odd place.

Abhay asks Kritika to come at the terrace of the adjacent society.

“Come at the neighboring society’s terrace. A block. Be fast!”

He had kept everything arranged on the terrace. At the entrance there was a bouquet with a note which read ‘take 5 steps to your right’.

5 steps to her right she could see a note with a Cadbury temptations. Her smile as pretty as it could be in the lifetime, with blushing cheeks she held the chocolate in her hand and read the note.

‘5 steps forward.’

“OH Shhh….” (She screamed)

“Shhhhhhh!!! It’s me!” (Abhay whispered in her ears, holding her tight enough)

“You scared me Abhay! Who does this while proposing?”

“Me!” (with a grin on his face)

“Shut up!”

Suddenly, the terrace lit up. In between there is a JBL bluetooth speaker and Abhay plays some music. He asks Kritika for a dance.

‘The day we met
Frozen I held my breath
Right from the start
I knew that I’d found a home for my heart … beats fast
Colors and promises
How to be brave?
How can I love when I’m afraid to fall?
But watching you stand alone
All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow’

Abhay and Kritika danced slow, with a semi-romantic lighting and while he turned her around and …

Kritika, surprised to see Abhay on his knees.

“I may not be the perfect one for you, I may be the pain in the ass at times, I may be mad at you some times but that doesn’t mean my love for you fades away. You are a special person to me. Your smile is something I live for. My morning begins with your smile and my night ends with your sweet and sleepy voice. But tonight, between the stars and moonlight I vow to be yours and spend my life to keep that beautiful smile on your face. Always! Will you be mine?”

A 2 minute silence as Kritika swallowed her saliva inside, actually feeling the moment and realizing the love Abhay has for her. Her face, white enough became red like a cherry and she, still speechless. Words were not spilling out of her mouth.

“Yes! No girl could have rejected or ignored this proposal. This is so special. It can definitely make any one fall in love. Today, Abhay I vow to be good to you and try to forget everything I have in my mind so that I can focus on us.”

Abhay was on a dream run. Kritika was his girl. People liked them, they talked about them and they were the new hot shot topic in the whole school. Everything seemed perfect for them. The daily meetings, laughters, cuddling etc. Just perfect!

Well all the credit goes to Abhay, to put up his proposal in a beautiful manner, that Kritika couldn’t deny.

Kritika bought a pleasant and bright colored shirt for Abhay on his birthday. Valentine’s day was a remarkable day for Abhay and Kritika.

They decided to meet in a park near the school. Kritika had bunked her tuitions for the day. Being in the park, she couldn’t dress up in a dress or so but she didn’t forget to wear Abhay’s favourite Tee. They met for about 4 hours, and while their walk towards the home, they walked on two separate footpaths. (Just in case Kritika’s parents collide in the way)

Before entering her society, Kritika just turned back to see Abhay. She smiled. She smiled cause she could see Abhay eagerly watching her from some distance and couldn’t take his eyes off her.

She couldn’t resist herself. She went running. Running towards Abhay. Abhay couldn’t realise what actually happened. Kritika ran into him, and held him so tight in the middle of the market. Within a minute, people were adoring their presence. One of the guys actually dropped off his chocolate bar. This was really romantic and special.

A typical 'Awww' moment.

(Phone rings!!!!!)

Kritika Calling…

Abhay immediately stood up from his virtual time machine and …



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